Ava Swift Counseling

Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples

Providing psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples in Seattle, WA.


Therapeutic orientation

As a psychotherapist, I begin with the hope of creating a welcoming space for you to be.  In an atmosphere that is both empathic and curious, we can begin to explore the nature of your struggles. Attending to patterns of thought, beliefs, fears, desires and behaviors, will allow us to paint a picture of your world. Whether it be colored by trauma, anxiety, fear, or confusion, psychotherapy is a relationship in which pain can be acknowledged, understood, and over time, processed, rather than denied, avoided, or feared.

In working together, we will explore the issues that bring you to seek therapy with the goal of deeply listening to you, strengthening your awareness and compassion. My hope for therapy is not only the reduction of painful symptoms in your life, but a growing capacity for authenticity, creativity, and trust in yourself, leading to a life more deeply connected—to yourself, to others, and to your experience in the world. 

Working from a psychodynamic orientation, I am influenced by relational psychoanalysis, somatic therapies, attachment theory, depth psychology, and feminist studies. Seeing an interconnection of the body and soul, I work with mindful attention to somatic experiences and current research in neuroscience.